Jesus Can Help

06/02/2015 13:40

Friend, do you need emotional help?

Is life just too tough on you?

The Lord Jesus is waiting to help you!

Are you ready to allow Him to help you out of the muddy mire you have landed in?

He can help you!

Isn't it worth a try?  You have tried other things - why is accepting help from Him so hard?

Oh, you haven't led a perfect life and don't want to be judged?

If you haven't accepted Him as Redeemer, then you have condemned yourself to be judged.

There are two judgements in the afterlife.  One for the sinners who rejected Christ and one for the believers who have accepted Him.

If you have accepted Him, your sins are forgiven so you are only judged on how you lived your life under forgiveness. 

Friend, reach out to Him in prayer and accept His help.  Have a long conversation with Him and listen and learn. 

He can help you.