Hope - Jesus Is Our Hope

29/11/2016 10:00

Friend, life is short. We never know how much longer we may have.

Even a healthy person can suddenly die from accident or medical emergency.

We do not know what state our insides are in.

A sudden massive heart attack, a serious stroke, a blood clot we do not know about, any of these could be lurking within.

James 4:14

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and vanishes away.

The Holy Spirit knows the inner essence of you.

The Holy Spirit asks us to consider eternity every moment of every day. He is God's Spirit whose desire is to counsel us.

He wants to be our Counsellor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist for FREE and give us Hope!

He is able to show you in God's Word, the Words which will heal your emotions and anxieties, enabling you to see Truth as never before. The injustices that were heaped on you will be revealed in a new Light and Truth will be seen.

Many are the Testimonies of people from all walks of life who have experienced this Godly Phenomenon.

Our Hope should be Eternal Life with Jesus in the Kingdom of God, safe from evil, happy and joyous, trusting in the Father for all things.

Isaiah 5:15

People shall be brought down, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled.

All those who keep their own counsel, never heeding the Holy Spirit, will not reap what they think they should in the afterlife eternal.

God sees and knows all things. We cannot hide.

Everyone will be judged in the future afterlife.

Guilty? Not guilty?

But, Jesus is the Key to God's Forgiveness.

I will stand before God with the Blood of Jesus covering me in a spiritual manner. God will recognize my covering and grant me eternal life with Him, which I do not deserve. But God through His Goodness and the Sacrifice of His Son has said that it is His Will I should be spared because I have accepted and understand the Holy Blood Sacrifice.

Job 8:13

And the Hope of the hypocrite shall perish.

Ezekiel 7:25

Destruction comes, they will seek peace, but there shall be none.

Revelation 14:11

And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night.

We must ask ourselves, " Do I want to be in God's Will, or out of God's Will?"

If you had one hour to make a decision, what would it be?