According To Your Faith

19/10/2015 12:51

The Book of Matthew the first Book of the New Testament...

Matthew 9:29     According to your faith, be it unto you.

Friend, do you have a big faith?  Is it a strong faith?

Will the next problem, dash it to pieces?

The devil hopes so. He is going to come against you until he sees that your faith in Jesus Chrst is so strong that you will never give it up.

According to your faith you can say to the problem, "God's Will be done!" and "satan, be gone from me, I am the Lord's child, you have no dominion over me!"

According to your faith what you ask for in prayer, it will be given to you.

Do you have a bold faith? Is it real and alive within you?

According to your faith you will receive.  The simple heart, full of faith is the one that receives.

Practice being full of faith. Deny the devil and his accomplices who plot revenge against you. God has you covered according to your faith.

Faith in Jesus is everything.  Belief in Him, and Love of Him and understanding of Who He is - that is everything to your faith.

Faith is from the heart which then teaches the mind to obey it.

It's all about Love. Jesus is Love that is why.