Are you your own god?

11/08/2014 08:34

There are multitudes of people who are unbelievers.  To them there is no God.

Is this you? Are you part of the movement of atheists?  Do you believe that science has all the answers? 

Are you of the belief that man can change the world and make his own destiny?

But, friend, how can he?  Many have tried.  It's a dangerous zone - believing in our own strength to move mountains of old thoughts and belief systems and replace them with other equally wrong beliefs.

How will man acheive that, but by the methods used by others who have desired the same in the past?  It will lead to small factions imposing their will and eventually dictator types popping up everywhere to control populations. In so doing, they will kill and destroy those who do not believe. Are you to be a part of that? 

Once a movement gets strong in numbers it gives the members a feeling of being "right" and having the right to change rules and laws to their favour.  It no longer is a democracy.

As a believer in Jesus, I can and do live with opposing thoughts and groups who are in opposition to my beliefs. In a democracy we live reasonably peacefully while being governed by a government we may not have voted for. But this is because the first laws laid down were inclusive of all faiths and beliefs.

There is a movement afoot around the world which is, to the Christian, known to be from the underworld of Satan.  Good people full of their own importance.  They are seeking to be leaders and to gather followers. They are worldly.  They are movie stars. They are University Professors.  They are "Great Thinkers" of our generation.

They do not realize they are being used by Satan. Beware, the path leads to destruction for your soul.  For them, there is no God.  Their intelligence is their God. They have fallen in love with their own "great mind," and not the One who has given them their great mind. But, they serve Satan unknowingly - he allows them to believe they are righteous and perfect in their assessment of  how things are and should be.

In Christ we have freedom and we have a Teacher who will guide any humble and contrite heart and mind into Truth.  Will this happen in an instant or overnight?  For some who have great knowledge that only needs to be shown some small "key" they can have a revelation that will shock their world.  For most of us, it is a beautiful journey filled with daily revelations that reassure us, enlighten us, and fill us with inspiration.

If you close the door and say there is no God, for you that is your choice and God will respect it.

Please keep an open mind - where the Holy Spirit can minister to you in the way that you will understand.