Be An Overcomer

22/02/2016 14:43

Friend, believers are called to be overcomers.

Those areas of your personality that the Lord has shown you are keeping you from victory, must be overcome.

We tend to want to keep these things and use them as crutches. We fear letting them go or stepping aside from them.

The fear comes because we don't know what to replace this "issue" with. We think we will stumble and fall without this part of our personality. Usually it has become a dominant aspect of the character of a persona that actually causes problems. It is ingrained and we use it daily in all our dealings.

God says that we should use His Word as the "filler" when we decide to change.

His Word is the antidote to fear.

There is Power in speaking God's Word to the problem or fear.

Jesus used God's Word in the desert when the devil tempted Him.

The devil had to leave that area alone and try somehing different. Eventually, satan fled - only to try other methods eventually leading to the Cross. But Christ died once for us all so long as we receive with thankfulness His Sacrifice.

It will be this way for you as well when you use God's Word to overcome. Evil will have to stop and regroup, and this will give you enough time to take a breath and continue on in victory. You will be tested and tested until evil is satisfed you will never relent from your belief in the Son of God and in the power of His Word.

Just know within yourself that God is for you and God is Good and God is Truth. Evil desires your destruction. It does not love you even though it may be giving you things and experiences in this life that you cherish; eventually it claims you as it's own at your death, and then the deal has been signed, sealed and delivered - fully with your approval as God will show you. You of course will realize you have been deceived, but that your soul had been aware and just went along with your flesh desires.