Be Quick To Learn

10/06/2015 11:58

Friend, as in anything in life, the quicker we accept a situation, the sooner we are able to move forward, uninterrupted by obstacles our mind puts in our way.

So it is with faith in God.  Choosing to empty our mind of all the negatives and open up to the possibilities of Gods' Word, allows us to move forward with Jesus as our Guide and Mentor.  Now, we have a mind and heart that is willing to hear, listen carefully and learn.

When we have this frame of mind, things we need to know that the Lord has placed in front of us, are suddenly illuminated and we can see clearly everything He wants to show us.

All the Promises of God for us; we begin to see that they are not just for others, but we too, are able to receive them for our lives.

Without faith, how do we pray?  Without faith in God, how will He hear us?  A desperate call He does hear but just asking for things without faith will never bring them to you.  Evil may step in and give you what you pray for but remember who holds those purse strings. Satan and his demons, that's who. 

Choose to have faith and ask God for the ability to grow in faith.