Beloved Friend

18/09/2016 12:38

Beloved Friend, God loves us!

Rejoice in Hope!

Have faith in Him!

He is Mighty to save our souls.

Be confident He will see you through the battle, the struggle. Never give up on life.

His Mercy is new every moment for you.

He is our Hope. Yes, another name for our Lord Jesus is Hope.

He is full of Light. Pure Holy Light.

There is no fuzzy muddled mind in the Mind of Christ.

He knows the Way out of the trial you are going through.

Never give up hope when the One Who Is Hope, can be called upon to comfort you.

There are times in life when we are desperately sad and our way forward is blocked, and we sense we are surrounded by unimaginable hardships that we fear to face, but God is always available; we just need to admit our need of help from Him.

He cannot help us when we deny Him.

We think only a million bucks would get us out of this "mess," but God sees the Big Picture. He knows where you should be going and the best route to get you there.

Put your hope in Him.

Just say, " Lord, You are my only Hope! I need You! Help me, please Jesus!"

He responds to this kind of acknowledgment.

You are His Beloved.

He endured the Cross for you.

Of course He will help you!