Break Free

06/05/2015 09:14

Friend, the Bible encourages us to break free from old thinking and stagnant beliefs.

Many of us believe in legalistic ways and think by doing this, God will be pleased with us.

God gave the Law of the Ten Commandments to Moses and from those Holy Laws, men have added whatever their interpretation of them has been and almost choked the Word of God from us. Many have become bound up in those laws and do not open their hearts to God to have the personal relationship He wants.

Jesus came to free us from those legalistic ways.

All through His ministry while on earth,  He shows the Pharisees the error of their thinking, but most, loving their positions in the temple could not see the true Word of God who stood before them in the flesh, nor could they change their ways of teaching the people. The people's own sin caused them to debase God's Law by their desire to always have what they wanted.  This caused their spiritual leaders to add new law to God's law to try to control sinful behaviour of the people.

Here are the Ten Commandments;

Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me.

Do not make any graven images of anything to worship or bow down to worship an image

Do not take the name of the Lord in vain

Keep the Sabbath day Holy

Honour your Mother and Father

You shall not kill

You shall not commit adultery

You shall not steal

Do not bear false witness against another

Do not covet what others have

Friend, these ten commandments are God's Law for us - but He has made a Way for us to be with Him.  He sent His Son to be the Sacrifice for the sins against the Law that we all have fallen short of.

The Law shows us that we are sinners

We cannot keep the Law without the help of Jesus who died so that His Blood would wash away the sin and set us on a Path to reconciliation to God the Father. Belief in Him and the Sacrifice and Resurrection is the requirement of God the Father for our sins to be forgiven and a new life to be embarked upon with the Holy Spirt as a Guide, Mentor, Teacher, Counsellor, Comforter.

Without the Holy Sacrifice, we could not ever be reconciled to God.  Under His Law, we are sinners who would taint Heaven with our unrepentant souls.

No, we have to repent and accept God's Son as our Lord and receive the baptism of the Spirit.

As long as we believe and have faith, His Mercy and Grace is new for us every morning.  He requires we repent of sins immediately we realize and He is Just to forgive.

But, friend, do not deliberately sin.  Refrain from deliberate sin because God knows the heart and sees the unrepentant quality and the desire to do or have whatever the sinful practise is and is able to discern the reasons for the continual sinful behaviour.

We must overcome ingrained sinful attitudes as the Spirit shows them to us.

With the help of the Spirit and Son we can overcome.  A humble heart will overcome.