Build Your Hope On The Rock Of Ages

01/07/2015 08:55

Friend, in the Book of Luke we hear that God says to hear His sayings and do them, and we will be like people who built their homes on the Rock which is the best foundation.

In Him is our Hope and in Him must we lay all our Hope.  None other, especially not what the world offers us.

He wants us to weigh up whatever befalls us or is presented to us as an opportunity, against the word of God that is Truth.

All other ways will lead to our doom, downfall and destruction - in both the world and spiritually.

Look now to see if you have built anything in your life on anything other than God's Word.  If so, begin to set about changing those belief systems, and ways of being, to line up with what God says is Truth.

Panic, anxiety, fear and anger, these are the hallmarks of a life lived without the Truth of God's Word as the foundation to your life.

Ask God to show you where you have made bad choices and mistakes in all aspects of your life and be happy to make the changes that you know to be Truth because they line up with His Word.

Let the Peace of God rule your heart and mind and know that He, the Great Almighty, All Powerful God of everything that is, loves you and will guide you into a life that is full and rewarding.

Allow Him to lead the Way.  You no longer have to find your own way and be afraid.