Can God Use You?

24/02/2015 06:25

Friend, God is waiting to be your Guide.  He wants to use you for His Kingdom.  He has a Plan for your life.

Only He knows the Plan.  We are all individuals to Him.  He knows the number of hairs on your head and when one falls.  He is intimately acquainted with your soul. 

It is you who keep Him at a distance, and you know it. 

Be honest with yourself and God, and He will put His Plan into action concerning you.  Allow Him to take the reins and guide you through this life to eternal Life with Him in His Kingdom of Heaven.

He chooses the least likely people to be His companions in this life.  It's not the high and mighty of this world.  They can't be persuaded because they have gained so much - they think by themselves, but really it is He who has allowed them to have all that they have.  When they come to that realization then God can and does use them.

Belief in Him and making ourselves available to Him for service brings much inner peace and joy.  Learning of Him and His Kingdom gives us a peace beyond understanding by the average human who is not a believer.