Christ - God Revealed To Man

13/07/2018 22:03

Friend, our Father has given us His Word; His Son Jesus, whom we learn about in The Bible; The Word of God.

Yes, friend, Jesus is The Word of God; or The Word. 

He speaks and it is so; accomplished in Pure Goodness.

He has many Names because He is God Almighty; for every facet of Himself there is a Name. And because He is Holy all His Names begin with a Capital to denote Highest Purity Truth and Wisdom in every facet.

The Word tells us that the Holy Scriptures are here to enlighten our soul and spirit; to teach us Who God Is; to inform us of The Holy Law which we would do best for our body, mind and spirit to abide by; to quench the thirst we have for Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom; and to prove that God Loves us with a Holy Love. 

It is easy to, not pay any attention as we go through life, to the Holy Bible where God has laid out the coming of our Lord in the prophetic writings of the Holy men of old, the Prophets of God; humans who believed and kept themselves Lawful. 

He tells of the birth of our Saviour; the important connections He (Jesus God) made with the Disciples and others; the Miracles He performed; and His Teachings.

In a Way, God explains Who He Is through the Life of Jesus on earth.

First He lived a sinless life. God is sinless; therefore Holy (wholly pure.)

He had a Purpose and He always listened to The Father and allowed The Spirit to guide Him.

Jesus was not lazy. From an early age He studied Scripture; He worked with His earthly father, Mary's husband Joseph as a carpenter; He walked many miles to spread the Good News; He taught; He had compassion; He healed; He had friendships based on love for others. 

He is King over all kings and Lord over all lords of all creation, not just mankind or this earth only, but everywhere all beings will call Him, King.

He says even the rocks will cry out to Him; they know Who He is!

If Jesus was married, God would have told us so.

Evil likes to pervert the Word of God; by adding explanations and additions that are in no way proved by other Scripture.

Jesus was born a Jew because they are the chosen people of God. God made Promises to Abraham and those Promises do not end. Jesus was born into the Abrahamic line and His geneaology is recorded in the Old Testament for us all to see.

Jesus knew The Law; because being wholly God ( and wholly man) He is Law; sets it in motion and owns it.

God is Law and all the sciences are governed by Holy Law; God.

Jesus did not break any of The Law. 

His Death would have meant nothing if He had broken The Law, and He would have been judged as a man if He had. 

The Law stated that He would be Crucified and Resurrected, sinless, and in doing so He would set the captives free from satan's clutches.

This Way was the only Way to satisfy the Law for our sins.

Satan promised Him an earthly title of prince; but He declined, citing Scripture regarding not needing anything from this earth like daily bread or a princely title, but only needing The Word of God.

The New Testament testifies that He was sinless and He indeed was crucified and was Resurrected to set the captives of evil, alive on this earth, free.

All through the Bible, God encourages us to have faith in Him. He makes us Promises for believing. 

He knows we cannot see Him with our eyes, but He has made a space in our heart where His Presence is revealed, when we take a leap of Faith and realize He Is The Great I Am, and our heart and mind come together in agreement, to believe.

Faith is believing God. 

Believing His Word. 

Trusting Him.

Accepting Forgiveness and Loving Him for His Holiness.

He knows we struggle with faith because of the influence of satan, who has gained a lot of control over our minds, through the generations of our families, which then hardens our heart towards God; because we have heard and sometimes been taught, that God doesn't exist; God doesn't love our family; God is mean and angry; God is not holy enough to be God and so on.

Before we existed, God had a satan problem that He dealt with according to The Holy Law. And now we too have a satan problem because we are weak and have no faith to strengthen us - caused by generational sins in our families. 

His demonic army plots and plans against us daily. They instigate all kinds of hellish things but God says to satan that His people will not entertain their offerings.

Therefore it is up to us to turn away from the evil offerings. It is up to us to know God's Word which is full of warnings against evil ways; full of Promises for us if we remain "on track " in our belief.

Friend, Christ was to come to show us The Way to having Eternal Life and not eternal death. 

God loves us and wants us to have Eternal Life yet He gives us Free Will to choose His Way or satan's way.

When our heart and mind come to the mutual understanding that God is Good and Holy, Powerful and owns all things, and we decide - make the choice - to give our allegiance to God with love in our hearts for Him, we receive Forgiveness of all our sins, past, present and future with the expectation that sin will start to die in us and have less and less power over us, as we walk and talk to God and read His Word; He guarantees that at the Judgement He will not cast us away from Him, and He will, while we are still alive on this earth, take up a place on the throne in our heart to guide us by His Holy Spirit, He will walk and talk with us, teaching and healing, encouraging and making a Way on the Righteous Path.

Yes friend, The Father has revealed in His Word, The Holy Bible, that Jesus is indeed The Christ of God.

He is Jesus God Who died for our sins to be Forgiven and for the right to have Eternal Life.

That's just where we are at this point in "time."

If your heart or mind doubts it, please search the Holy Scriptures and pray that God will reveal answers to your questions. He will; all we have to do is ask.