Christ The Healer

11/08/2016 15:03

Friend, we all are walking around with damaged emotions.

Each of us knows our own pain and hurt feelings; others cannot see them.

But, Jesus sees all.

He sees the perpetrator and the victim.

All is noted and taken into account to each soul's record.

This life is our chance to be redeemed and God has made a Way for us to receive Complete Forgiveness.

In receiving Forgiveness we start on a road to recovery from all that evil has done to us;  infected, cut and jabbed, bruised and beaten, misaligned our spirit and drowned our soul and for many, so much more - abused, demoralized, weakened us and on and on.

Look to Jesus as the Healer for all that has hurt your body, your mind, your soul.

He can and will restore your soul and spirit and in many cases your body.

Everything according to His Will. Trust His Will and know that He loves everyone and another's Salvation may hinge on your own Salvation and journey. If we love Him, we walk in His Will not our own. We are willing to suffer a little and not get own our way in order for the Lord's Will to be fully accomplished.

A thorn in the flesh may be what is required for you to stay close to Jesus. He knows your "frame"; of what it is made of - how weak it is.

He sees what we do not see, the deep-rooted scars and hurts that we have covered over and sometimes even deny. He is the Great Physician and Surgeon Who knows where to start cutting in order for the body, mind and spirit to be healed fully.

Just trust Him.