Deep Inward Relationship

04/11/2015 19:21

Friend, have you entered into a deep inward relationship with our Lord?

This is what we all are seeking for, as we look in every direction for happiness and joy.

But, friend, there is another who seeks to keep us from having a deep inward relationship with our Lord Jesus.

This other entity is evil and desires nothing but our destruction. He will along with his army of evil beings, come against us in every way he is allowed by God who wants us to seek only Him - because He is showing you in the Creation of the Universes that He is ALMIGHTY.

The devil cannot create like God can. He is able to manipulate and use God's creation to falsely portray miracles and such, but they are not based on anything Good and Truthful; more on deceitfulness and cunning.

God expects us to know Truth when we see it and not be deceived.

He has left His Word here for us and we can come to know Him through the pages. He tells us Who He is and what He does and How He thinks and judges.

If something doesn't measure up to Holy Truth and Goodness, it is not of God and we should deny it and rebuke it from our lives.

Today, begin to have that deep inward relationship with God and His Son and the Holy Spirit.

They will help you to know them and understand them and this will bring you joy, happiness and peace and you will feel the weight of the worry and evil of the world lifted from you.

Be a faithful soul and stay on the Righteous Path to God the Father through the Sacrifice of the Son who left the Holy Spirit here with us, to guide us into a relationship with the Son.