23/04/2015 10:26

Friend, where is your desire?

As for me, I desire the Lord, Father and Spirit.  I have no other need.  They  give me everything I need.

For me, connecting with them is like plugging into an electric socket and becoming fully alive.

I know I am protected by God's Holy angels.  I know the Spirit is with me at all times.  I know I have the love of Jesus and am under the care and kindness of the Father.

It's the perfect relationship.  No one loves me like they do. No one!

They see my flaws and they work with me to correct them.  If I yield, things go well.  If I strain against Them, things go according to the amount of resistance I give.

I know that to believe is to have Life, Love, Mercy, Grace, Protection, Guidance, Teaching, everything I need for an interesting and beautiful journey through this life. 

Friend, I couldn't recommend more highly for you to connect with Jesus the Saviour of mankind and grow in grace and mercy and love.