Do You Need A Friend?

29/02/2016 06:42

Jesus is your Friend!

Yes, He desires to have a friendly relationship with you. He is not a friend as the world counts a friend. He is a Friend who loves and cares and helps and is always there, who gives the best advice, who sees ahead the dangers that await you, and can guide you on the Righteous Path that leads to closer fellowship with Him and Everlasting Life for you.

He will never leave you, even though you may leave Him, forget about Him, forsake Him in many ways!

Jesus will not help you be a thief, or commit any sinful deed and will remind you of sinful thinking that is not tolerated, but He will rejoice with you in times of joy and happiness, and will fill you with Love and Peace and Truth, Wisdom, and a sound mind.

Are you ready for those things, friend?

Just turn to Jesus and ask Him to be your Friend. He is the all-weather Friend. He is available to you at all times. He is ever watchful over you. He will alert you to troubles that lie ahead.

Don't worry, be happy! He will soothe your angst, your restlessness and angers at the injustices that have been heaped upon you.

Just be childlike in your faith and believe in Him. He is God and will go before you as a Mighty Warrior to slay the demons that have you bound. Just allow Him to do what is His Will for you and walk in His footsteps from the darkness into the Light of Christ.