Emotionally Broken

09/02/2015 10:32

Friend, are you emotionally broken?

We cannot be whole physically when we are holding on to emotional brokenness.

There is One who knows all your brokenness and is waiting for you to hand it over to Him.

Will you?   Or do you live in the depths of it to the degree that you cannot see your way out?

Is the emotional brokenness your life and you secretly love being the victim?

Do you just not know there is a Way?

Or do you know Jesus but have not realized that He wants you to let go and face Him and trust Him to move you beyond the brokenness into the Light of Pure Love?

Whatever it is, leave it for a moment and go to Him in prayer.  Talk to Him of what has caused the brokenness and listen to Him. 

He will make a Way for you out of it.  But you must keep focused on Him and not go back again and again to the problem.

Usually the perpetrator has moved on anyway and the pain is yours alone. 

This should be enough to make you want to be rid of it.  Why should the perpetrator be the one who has no pain!

Jesus can soothe your feelings and show you how to view the situation.  He loves you and is a kind and caring God.

Trust Him to help you through the emotional brokenness into physical well-being.

Bless you, Friend.