Eternal Life 1John 2:25

29/04/2015 10:57

Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: but, he that acknowledges the Son hath the Father also. 1John 2:23

And this is the promise that He hath promised to us, even, eternal life.  1John 2:25

Friend, the Holy Scipture above, states that when we recognize the Son (Jesus), we receive the Father. And when Jesus died He sent the Holy Spirit to be with those who believe in Him.

So believers have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the Anchor (to their soul).

That is everything, friend, to have the help and care and love of the Trinity of God.  There is nothing they cannot do.  They are in charge of all things.  They own all things. Nothing in heaven or earth can do a thing without their approval.

Therefore evil can only operate according to the Law of God.  He allows what He allows according to the Goodness of who He is.  He sees the whole picture - all the parties involved. He knows our inmost parts and what is needed to help our soul.

We have to then look at our suffering as being part of God's Plan.  We somehow have come to a place of trial because God has designed our journey this way. Our sin brings consequences both in our earthly life and our spiritual life.

It is important to say that He knows what's best and that you the lowly and humble (should be) baby Christian lay your life at the foot of the Cross and ask for forgiveness daily and begin to grow in the knowledge of who God is.

If we turn against God, there are consequences we don't like but when we turn to God, the consequences are of a different variety and have a meaning that is full of promise.

Imagine yourself placed on the scale of Justice.  Love & Truth on one side and you on the other.

God has to work from the core of your sin and begin to cleanse you in order to balance the scale. 

Be a willing volunteer for change and believe in Truth and Goodness and Love - all owned by God.