Every Defeat Is Important

02/08/2015 13:45

Friend, have you found it a difficult journey - your walk with the Lord?

Remember every defeat of evil is important.  This life is all about overcoming, not giving in to the enemy of your soul.

Today we see so much of that celebrated in the world around us.

It's important to remember what is right and good, and make sure, that whatever you are agreeing in your spirit that your soul is entitled to do, is according to what God has said is Righteous.

Agree in your heart to search out God's Word on any subject to see if that is what He has said is good for you and will bring you no added troubles.

When celebrities expound on whatever their latest sinful life is undertaking, and try to convince all the rest of us that it is good, and will bring us happiness - be careful.  Go immediately to God's Word and see for yourself what the Lord of your soul has to say.

His Words are simple and concise, He does not mess around and they will speak to you of Truth. Be prepared to do an about-turn if you have to, and stay connected to Jesus. He will make a Way for you and you will derive happpiness and joy from the overcoming of the sin.

Millions have and it is possible for you to also.  Do not be afraid. God is for you to be an overcomer, and He has seen all the sin of the world and there is nothing new to Him. From old, satan has tested God with all the abominations he can dream up but God believes in you and when you focus on Him, he will see you through it.

See Him as the anchor to your soul.  He is not moved by the whims of evil and all it's supposed power.

Be bessed, friend. Have hope, and grasp on to the Power that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and grow and learn and receive peace from the enemy.