30/03/2015 05:55

Friend, we love excuses, don't we!

We love to rationalize and justify, but all that is - is excuses.

To God this is a weakness that we must overcome.

First must come the recognition that we are an "excuses" personality.

Then we can begin to see it when the excuses come to our lips or mind.

Next we can deny that excuse and stand up to the Light and admit that it is an excuse only and holds no weight on the scale of Justice to God.

God deals with us each personally, first.  He's not going to fix someone else so you can go on living the way you want.

Where there is Truth, this is for God to decide and use in your life.  You do not know the plumbline of perfect balance for your soul.  Only He does and you must trust Him to work things His Way for you to have the Perfect outcome.

He will deal with the other people in your life, separately.

We do not need the "excuses".  We can walk along knowing that He sees the things we would use for an excuse but that He has allowed them to be there, even though set there by evil.  It is His good intention to use those stumbling blocks to prove to you and all Heaven that He is God and can work a miracle and get your soul perfected in Him. 

He just needs your approval to go ahead.  He needs for you to believe in Him.  That is all.

If you believe in Him, you will trust Him and you will come to Love Him.

Nothing will be impossible for you when you have no excuses and believe.