Faith Is Everything

22/03/2015 10:35

Friend, it's all about "faith."

Without faith in something there can be no belief in it.

God shows everyone of us everyday that faith is required for us to believe.

Simple things require this unseen faith.  Look at your life, and closely examine all the things you believe will or won't happen, the things you do that require a measure of faith to believe - that it will  happen as you perceive it will.

Faith is everything in life!

Faith is everything in believeing spiritual things, also.  It requires faith to believe in Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Heaven, even Hell.

When we see that something is true, such as aeroplanes will fly with hundreds of people and thousands of pounds or kilos of cargo on them, do actually fly and get us to our destination, we then have faith for the next flight and we become believers in air transportation.

I know someone who would not get on an aeroplane and for more than 40 years she did not fly.  Then in her forties she faced an illness that had a death sentence.  She lived, and took a chance to fly and enjoy travelling - after all, she had faced death and after a few years had overcome the illness. 

After her first plane ride, she has taken many trips by plane - now she is a believer that aeroplanes will get her to and from her destination.  She has faith in them. Before, she had no faith in them.  She was fearful.

Christian "Faith" requires Truth.  When we hear Truth, and we recognize it, something stirs within us.  That is the Holy Spirit letting us know that the Truth is being revealed to us.

To me it is a beautiful soft bell or gong sound. Soft and melodious, beautiful, reverberating out all around me.

It wakes me to God reality, softly and gently.  "Listen, pay attention, this is the Truth" it says.

As I build my faith, it becomes a mountain that I'm climbing to higher and higher levels of faith, and God meets me at that new level every time I build.  I'm looking for the mountain top.  I'm climbing up, not looking down.

Friend, join me.  Build your mountain of faith.  Start believing.  It's so simple.

Start with God is Good.

That is my foundation stone, I have built around it.  It is my Truth - I fully believe this and judge everything off that foundation stone.

I offer it to you today for use as your foundation stone.  Meditate on that and when it becomes a "fact" or Truth to you, install it as your own foundation stone on the mountain of Faith and Belief.