07/10/2015 10:52

Friend, have you found the Lord to be faithful?

Even when we deny Him, turn our back to Him, walk away for a time from Him, we later see He was faithful to us all through our wanderings.

He is faithful. He loves us and shows through His Faithfulnes to us that He can be trusted.

There is not one human on this earth who is capable of being as faithful to us as the Lord Jesus.

When you understand this and it has happened to you, there is a "knowing" that you carry with you that can be a foundation stone of your belief.

The Lord is Faithful. It's like having a beautiful gem in your pocket that you carry with you everywhere.

When trials come, you put your hands in your pockets in despair and you feel that gem and you pull it out to find that it reminds you of God's Faithfulness to the world, to you, to all He has created.

Yes friend, He is Faithful. Never forget it.

Be faithful to Him for He is Faithful to you.

Never lose that connection again.