Feeling Unfulfilled?

23/04/2015 10:41

Friend, are you feeling unfulfilled?  Is there something missing in your life?

As you examine where you are do you see a life filled with great things full of worldy success and fun?  Friends who are an encouragement, always there - helpful and caring; a work life that is full and paying well; vacations and travel; enjoyment of all the world has to offer in the form of entertainment.

If you have all this and you have also a Saviour, you are indeed a very blessed person.  But, if you have all these things and do not know the Saviour, then I put it to you, that you do not have everything.

When your time comes to exit this life what do you have?  You cannot take the worldy things with you and you have made no provision for the afterlife.

Compare that with the one who has all you do but also has a Saviour.

Do you see the difference?