Forever Friend

19/06/2015 10:18

We all desire a friend. At least one good friend. A friend who's willing to be there through thick and thin.

But, it is almost impossible in these days for us to have a friend who stays in the same town, city or area as we do.  Maybe it is we who move dwelling places, and our friend of long standing must stay back for reasons of his/her own.

It is inevitable that family moves away from one another in these days.  It used to be that we could always depend on some family members continuing to live in close proximity in one area and we, if having left, could come back for visits or holiday celebrations.  But this is getting further and further the case for most people in the world.

Everyone is scattered.  The world entices us to travel and hastily make decisions for our future.  We move at the drop of a hat, thinking the grass is greener "over there."

But we can have a Forever Friend who is with us at all times, even when we have to move away from our friends of the flesh.

He is the Perfect Friend.  He will never lie to you.  He will hear all you have to say, even the things you could not tell your friend of the flesh.  He understands like no other.  He desires to help you.

His name is Jesus, Lord, Saviour, Redeemer and Friend. He answers to any of those names and so many more!

Today a prayer was answered when I arose.  My Friend had worked on it all night.  Only the previous night had I asked for help.  I had carried the problem long enough and how perfectly and beautifully He wove all the jagged edges together and made everything whole again!

No friend in this world could have done what He did!  Looking at the problem - it was unfixable.  But my Forever Friend did know the answer and waited for me to relinquish it to Him and in a few short hours all was renewed.

Get to know your Forever Friend. He is waiting to hear from you!