Forgiveness Is Offered

17/06/2016 20:08

Friend, we are all sinners.

God knows this.

Many of us deny we are sinful. But, that doesn't count because our denial is infact sinful, because it disagrees with God's assessment of us; His Great Knowledge of everything about us.

He knew us before we were born!

He knows the beginning from the end of everything so there is no hiding from Him that you or me, are sinners.

First must come the acknowledgement that "I am a sinner in God's eyes, therefore I am a sinner."

Next we have One who paid the price for each sin of every person who accepts that the Son was sent by the Father as a Sacrifice to pay the penalty/punishment in our place. His Name is Jesus.

We cannot pay the price. God will not accept our payment.

He will only accept the payment made by the Son.

Our only chance at redemption is to accept the Gift of God, Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb who is God.

So God Himself has paid the price for any who will accept Him as Lord God, Saviour Redeemer.

Friend, was it in vain that He died for your sins?