Meditation on God's Word

10/12/2014 13:06



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7

These words were written by the great King Solomon, son of King David whom God called "a man after My own heart."

All scripture is inspired by God through the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of men of old, who loved God.

Here the Spirit informs us that to fear God is the beginning of knowledge!

This is an area to spend long hours of meditation in.

Why should He be feared? Does He have Power to use, and if so why doesn't He use it how we think He should?

These are good questions to ask and seek out answers to. He has answered them in the Holy Bible - we can go there and seek out His word, His answers, as we meditate on the Word.

Fear of the Awesome Power alone will bring us to a love for Him. In fear we recognize His Goodness and His Justness towards us. We find we can trust Him to use His Power righteously.

The Spirit says that it is a fool who despises wisdom and instruction. Is that a fool in our eyes or is that a fool in God's eyes? God's eyes, He has said it in His Word!

Ask yourself - "Am I a fool or wise person in God's eyes?"


Lord, forgive my foolishness, help me to know You and all Your attributes so I may be considered wise in Your sight. Amen.