Free Will

02/06/2015 13:07

Friend, we're all allowed to make our own choices. 

God has given us free will and He means it.

Evil has a chance to beguile you and the Holy Spirt has a chance to reveal Truth.

But, we get to choose.

The world offers us evil choices and the spiritual world offers us Godly choices.

Examine your life and see what your choices have been.  Do you follow the world or do you follow God?

God says we can choose Him and deny evil right up to the minute we die.

What if though, in that minute before we die, we are so lost we do not realize we can choose God?  What if we are taken in such a way that there is no time to say "Yes" to God?

What if evil has you enslaved and you don't realize you are owned by evil and think because you lived a "good" life you will automatically go to Heaven?

What if you have believed in a false God?

Here's a thought.  What if when a Chrstian dies he finds there is no God - where will he go?  He will go where everyone else goes.  What if there is nothing - no life after death - then we all get the same thing.

But, what if there is a Holy God and Jesus is the Way to eternal Life?  Then only the Christian will receive eternal life and all others will not. 

So it seems there is a small chance a narrow road that possibly leads to eternal life for the soul.  If I, as a born again Christian, will get to have this eternal life just by believing in Jesus, then why would any soul take the chance not to be included.  After all, I am the same as all other souls on this earth except for that one thing.

Yet, my reward is greater - I win and all others lose.

Your free will choice is the one thing you must conquer and bring under your control. Do not be seduced by evil and it's ways any longer. Stop and seek and learn of the other choice and see if it is a path for you.

Evil will always take you back.