Glorify God

01/06/2015 11:48

Friend, it is well known to born again Christians that when they glorify God, they are building up treasure in Heaven for themselves.

So take no thought for self to have glory from the world. Many seek glory - like entertainers who strive to outdo one another and heap all kinds of awards on each other - but that glory will not suffice for a lifetime, nor will it have any value when you stand before Jesus at the end of your life here on earth.

We can have glory heaped on us in the here and now but we should walk humbly and exalt God who allowed it.  Give Him the Glory He deserves so as to keep well balanced in this life.

He knows whose heart is pure in this matter.  We needn't judge others, but we should judge our own intentions.

Always honour Him who gave you life and sustains you daily.  Embrace the day because He has given you a new day.  Walk the Path He has designed for you to have victory in Godly matters. Give honour and glory to Him who is Worthy to be praised and blessed for all He does for His creation.

Nothing escapes His attention.  He is aware of everything, every action, thought, of all creation. When a grain of sand is moved, He knows it.  The largeness of Who He is we cannot imagine.  The Beauty of His appearance we cannot imagine. His Love is beyond compare. His Truth and Law are Just and exact with no loopholes like the law of men.

When we glority Him, we do a good thing for our life, because He is generous to fill us with the gifts of the Spirit, in return.