God, He Is Just

09/09/2014 08:59

Our God, He is Just!

He weighs all things and balances the scales perfectly according to His Will which could also be called His Law.

He owns and is the Author of all Laws. Everything that we see and do is orchestrated according to His Law.

If we are off balance in our thinking, He must keep the scales balanced.  He is constantly adjusting/balancing.  It comes naturally to Him and is the essence of who He is.

We are flawed, but He is not.  He, through the Laws set in place is the One, who balances the scales when evil touches our personal scale.  He must do it in order for justice to prevail in our lives.  If He did not, chaos would reign.

Many of us, are hell bent on striving against Him but even those people will see His Justice in their lives.  If they recognize it here while in this lifetime, there is a chance they can have eternal life in the Kingdom of God. 

If they do not,  they will see at the Great Judgement that they were dealt with according to God's Law which is the purest form of Justice that could ever exist. 

Many go to their death knowing there is a God but in denial of anything they have ever done, saying they were not dealt a fair hand, they had to fend for themselves, they weren't given the same as others, they were abused, they didn't agree with God's Will or Laws, life wasn't fair for them.

Once at the Judgement, standing in the Light, they will see clearly the underpinnings of their statements and know that they chose to follow those paths of thinking and they will recognize the times when God balanced their scales, working diligently so that they had an equal chance to overcome and accept Him just as everyone has had.

God is Just, my friend.  He must be to be God.

All glory be to our Lord Jesus the Son of God and the Word of God.