God Is Calling You

18/11/2015 21:40

Friend, have you realized that God is calling you?

Every day, in every way, He is calling you to Him.  He sees you and knows you and wants you to know Him intimately.

He desires to fellowship with your spirit.

He has sent the Holy Spirit to be the intermediary between Himself and you. Holy Spirit to your spirit to Jesus and the Father. It is the only connection to God Himself, that is the ultimate in Power and Love and Truth - and so much more.

Let your soul and spirit, be open and available to Him. Free your mind from all worldly angst, bother, trouble, and all the nit-picking ways of evil that seek to distract you constantly.

Take some time alone to unwind and relax and breathe slowly and rhythmically in tune with the universe. Be still and know that He is God Almighty, Creator of all things, and Ruler over all things and Judge of all things.

Just know that He is in control even though the world is in extreme trouble and conflict. He sees all and knows all about it and Has a way planned from milleniums ago as to how things will proceed. Every scenario is planned and accounted for. Billions of people can make individual choices and He has plan for everyone of us even when our choices change from moment to moment.

Nothing is too big or impossible for Him. He is that Almighty and Powerful.

He sees the beginning to the end of every life. He knows our every thought! And He sees our every deed.

Yet, still He is calling you all day, every day to turn your face towards Him and to see Him for the Lover of your soul that He is. He's like a Mother with her babies. The pain they cause never stops the love from being avaiable and growing.

Learn to believe. Take it upon yourself to believe. Say out loud to your inner self, "I am a believer. Do not stop me."

Tell yourself that this is what you want. " I want to have a relationship with this Jesus who loves me. I want to know all about Him. After all, He loves me no matter what. I understand that He died for my sins and I want to know about that. I hear His call and I'm responding in the affirmative."

You have just answered the call. God bless you as you walk on this new path of the journey of your soul on this earth filled with obstacles and unrighteousness. Just know that God loves you and will look out for you; and be a loving child to Him. Show your gratitude and faithfulness.

Your life will slowly change, you won't see many of the changes but there will be many in you and then your world will begin to look different. Bless you, my friend inJesus.