God Wants Us

05/05/2016 20:47

Friend, be assured that Holy God All Powerful and full of Love and Truth is after your soul.

He came to this earth, in the form of a baby.

He wore the flesh as we do. He experienced our pain and heartache.

It was always His to have the worst of mankind put upon Him.

In doing so, He has shown us that we can be overcomers and endure to the end with faith in God, as He did with His Father.

He was a blessing to many. He healed. He taught, He comforted. He loved.

We will see in the afterlife all that He has done for us throughout our lives.

We will also see how we opposed Him at every turn, how we would not deny ourselves something we knew in our spirit was not righteous or pleasing to the Father.

If Jesus had abandoned us, we would not have made it to Heaven.

If He had not gone to the Cross, we would not have had a Saviour.

We would have been under The Law The Ten Commandments.

Who could have made it to Heaven?

There is none righteous, no, not one, says the Lord.

We are in need of a Saviour who will rescue us from the Law.

His Name is Jesus. He did it to the Father's Pleasure.

All who understand, may step forward and receive forgiveness and everlasting life with the Son.