God Will Make a Way

31/01/2016 09:12

Friend, are you struggling with something and unable to turn your back to it?

God will make a Way for you; actually He has already prepared the Way!

He knows what you are struggling against. He has allowed it and when you are sick and tired of it, and make a choice to believe He can help you, He will.

Until you step aside and humbly give Him the Power over the situation, you are limiting Him by your own desires.

Maybe you like being the victim - it suits your view of life and you benefit somehow.

Maybe you want to be the strong one who overcomes by yourself.

Maybe you just don't believe in God, but you place idols before you as gods ( animals, statues, ideas that don't include Jesus as God.)

All these choices and more that are not directly focused on God as your Provider, Healer, keep Him from being the Waymaker. 

But, friend, God will make a Way for His believeing children when they are ready to hand over the reins to Him. He waits for us to allow Him to lead us through the maze of life into Eternal Love.

Choose Jesus as your Saviour Redeemer and tell Him you need His help. Make your whole waking hours one open prayer of communication so you are aware of His Presence all day. A Spiritual Presence by your side Who loves you, will guide you and Who has your best interests at heart.

There may be a lot of correcting but as you grasp the new Way and stay committed, you will come to know the essence of Jesus, that of Peace, Love, Truth, Wisdom, Discernment, and Joy.

Soon you will see that God made a Way for you where there seemed to be no way.