God's Grace

21/07/2015 05:50

Friend, think about God's Grace and Mercy.

But for His Grace you would not be here.

He is the Lifegiver and allows our weaknesses because they are useful in drawing us close to Him for our recognition of Him.

His Perfect Will speaks life and health over us but we sometimes make choices not in accordance with His Perfect Will.

His Grace is the element that keeps us alive.  During our lifetime His Grace has kept us from falling headlong into the abyss of ruin.

Look into the past - even yesterday - do you not see His Grace at work?

Is He not a Gracious God?

When you see the Grace of God  has been over your life you must praise Him.  It is a form of repentance; an acceptance of His Goodness over our foolishness.

God will join you in the praises and be with you on the Path to teach and guide you.