God's Heart

25/03/2016 21:15

Friend, God's Heart is Merciful.

The depths of His Mercy are endless for us, the sinners He came to save.

His Law governs His actions and while we journey through this life on earth we have Mercy.

At our death, we step into Law where if we responded to God's Mercy we will have a place at the Supper of the Lamb.

While here on earth, we have all been invited to the Supper the Bible says. And there is a beautiful robe awaiting us.

Will you wear the robe? Have you identified His Mercy in your life? Are you sure of His Great Love for you?

Or have you been deceived and do not believe, preferring to show up at death's door in your own finery, with all your attendants and finery dangling around your neck and hands?

Will it be "Ta da, here I am Lord! Receive Your wayward soul who made people laugh, and entertained them royally. I was a big shot on earth!"

Or perhaps you will say "Lord, I suffered greatly and was humiliated and walked all over! Where were you? But, I am here now and ready to receive all you have for me."

The third option is "Lord, thank You for your Love and Mercy and Grace and Forgiveness. Your Blood has saved me, a sinner."

Friend, fix your heart and mind on the Lord Jesus. Find out Who He is. Decide to be a follower, a believer in Him and you will be assured of eternal Life in the Light and Love that is God, safe from the clutches of evil, who seeks to destroy your soul.