God's Mercy

03/11/2015 11:16

Friend, are you aware of God's Mercy?

It is new every morning for any one of us who desires to accept it.

God will forgive all your yesterdays - if you accept His Mercy for today and for the rest of your life.

Live in His Mercy for you everyday.

Let it be in your thoughts all day long and rise each morning refreshed because of the new Mercies awaiting you for that day.

He has chosen each of us and has made His Mercy available to each of us.

This is a Biblical truth. It is God's Nature for us while we live here on earth.

This short time is filled with His Mercy for us and we must accept it in order to have His Eternal Mercy.

We are weak and unstable and think mighty thoughts about ourselves and this tends to get in the way of the Mercy He has provided for us.

Just the fact that He has allowed your birth is a Merciful Act of God.

Take advantage of His Mercy - accept it in all humility and your soul will be renewed.

Thank You, Jesus for your Mercy!