God's Truth Is Greater

23/04/2015 13:41

Friend, we all have a truth that we call our own.  It is derived from our experiences of and in the world.

Many say ,"My truth, is that there is no God," or "My truth is that I have to rely only on myself." We all have these truths.  I see them plastered all over facebook daily.

Everyone has their own truth even if they don't call it that.  It's just your own personal beliefs gathered from your personal and impersonal relations with the world.

Even if we don't buy into satan's lies it does not mean we are not a captive to him.

Only those who recognize that God's Truth is greater than their own truth have a Way out of captivity of the soul.

Yes, God's Truth is greater.  It must be and is a simple fact to believe in.  God is greater than mere man or animal or plant or earth for He is the Creator.

Someone like Stephen Hawking who is very intelligent and has a great ability to think and explore in his mind has not realized that there is a God who is the Designer/Creator of "Everything That Is."

So how can any of us mere mortals come to know God, if someone like Stephen Hawking has not factored God into his calculations? After all, he is considered a great intellect.

Friend, first comes hearing of the Word of God.  And this you are able to do on this blog. 

Take the plugs from your ears and hear what the Spirit is saying to you.

Stephen Hawking may think that God has abandoned him or that a good God would not have afflicted him so.

But, what if being afflicted in this way is the best way for Stephen Hawking to come to know God?

What if there was no other way for God to get through to Stephen Hawking?

God must be Perfect in all His Ways and I believe that He is and has been to Stephen Hawking.  He just won't take the plugs out or give up his pride or the great knowledge he has acquired and be a humble soul before the Throne of Grace.

I pray that He does, because if Stephen Hawking were to find God and know Jesus, He would have the most amazing testimony.  Many would listen to him and be saved.  Stephen Hawking could have a spiritual treasure trove of jewels and gems to place at the feet of Jesus in Heaven.

Now, he has none.  God is not going to be impressed with his knowledge.  God knows so much more than Stephen Hawking.  Stephen is only discovering what God has put in place.  He is not creating , God is.

God's Truth is greater - meditate on this.