Gratitude or Grumbling

22/01/2015 16:59

Friend, we use a lot of energy thinking of the wrongs that have befallen us and the bad "luck" we have had.

The Bible tells us to humble ourselves and look deep into our inner selves to see if our pride has been wounded and that we do not harbour illwill to others for being offended.

It is easy to be offended by the smallest thing.  In many circumstances, we are offended even when the other person did not intend to offend us.

Choose now to not be offended but to have a "thicker" skin.

Forgive, and pray that the other party will also forgive.

Make gratitude your new personal outlook on life. 

Have a thankful heart and be gracious and kind to others even when they are not being the same way to you.

Breathe in gratitude and gratefulness and breathe out the negative.  Let it go.  The Lord will help you if that is the true desire of your heart.