He Is Our Hope

23/02/2015 09:47

Today is a gift from God to each one of us.  The sinner and the saved alike are welcome to the new day.

Each of us has the same opportunity to receive the Gift of today.

What are you doing with the Gift of today?

First should be "thanks" and second, repentance for the sins of yesterday. Then we receive a new Gift - Hope.

How good is our Lord to fill us with Hope!  With Hope, we receive, Peace.  It goes on and on, the Gifts of God for our life here and for eternity.

He is truly amazing!  Do you see it?  The blessings that flow from Him of Love, and Grace and Mercy and Hope and Peace and Life.  It is so beautiful!

"Praise the Lord Jesus!"  "Thank You, Lord for your Gifts to me!"  These words should be rolling around in our minds in a constant rhythmn of praise for His Goodness to us.

"Trust in Me, Oh ye of little faith," He says.

His Word will be fulfilled.  We can trust that what He has said is Truth.  You can have Hope, Peace, Love, Grace, Mercy, Goodness, Life eternal!  He has Gifted you, and all you need to do is receive with thankfulness and repentance for the past.

Today is a New Day.