He Is With Us

27/05/2015 11:36

Friend, for the born again Christian, the Lord, says He is with us at all times.  He is there to guide and direct our paths.  He is there to comfort and guide us to peaceful resolutions of our troubles.

He is Love and His Love is perfect.  He first loved us and gave us life.

When the path makes us stumble, He will catch us and guide us through the firery trial - just keep in constant communicatiion with Him and allow the Spirit full control.

Hebrews 13:5 I will never fail you nor forsake you.

Friend, we can set out on the Path without fear, for He is there with us and will not fail us.  Yes, along the Way we will encounter trials designed to strenghten our faith and establish our roots in the ground, but He will give us the tools we need to be the overcomer He says we are.

We will leave behind old ways and belief systems and those areas in our soul will be filled with Godly Love and Truth.

Jesus loves a broken and contrite heart.  He loves to give us a second chance.  He loves to see us win in our faith.  All heaven rejoices when we overcome the slightest thing.

God's Will, will be done!  There is no way that Satan/the world will win anything.  Have you not noticed the world is groaning?  It is not in charge.  It will do as God Wills.  Today it is groaning because the evil one has some power over it - given by a Good and Gracious and Just God.

Do you see/understand?  This is an area of meditation/thought for us all.