He Knows Who We Are

18/01/2016 06:04

Friend, He knows you. He has plumbed the depths of your soul! At a glance He can ascertain your sins and see where your allegiance lies - even when you lie to yourself, He knows the Truth about you.

Who can stand before Him and not fall on their knees and prostrate themselves. We truly are lowly creatures even when our massive egos and belief in ourselves is a giant grey shadow of dirt and filth in His eyes.

All our self help books and self realization methods will never on their own merit get us to Heaven. They can help to make us better human beings but without belief in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we are just good atheists.

The Key is Jesus. Our very soul's eternal home depends on this Key aspect of God. Belief in His Son.

He is Light and Life and Truth and Beauty and Power and Goodness. He wants us to have these Gifts and be ambassadors for Him.

There is a Mission Statement, a Plan a Path for each of us, and it is about time we all got on board.

The first step is belief.

Having faith in Him to guide and direct our path, to provide for us, to teach us. Have you joined the great Army of God?

If not, do it soon, my friend.