Human Reasoning

05/07/2015 09:18

Friend, we have been given a mind that is capable of reasoning for a purpose!

Animals do a small amount of reasoning, but they generally are predisposed to live and go about their daily business doing as other animals of their type - hunting for food, looking for shelter and water, following the herd.  They have been given certain attributes that allow them to operate in their animal tendencies.

They operate how God has intended and according to what sin has brought into the world.

But we humans have choices to make that are on a higher lifeform wavelength.  We are made so that we can recognize sin.

Though many of us have determined that some sin is not sin and have decided to not believe in a Holy God, in order to blindly follow our own sinful thinking.

All we do is fool our "self." Saying that something is not sinful; when it is to God, is just a denial of the Truth.

Our denial will never make God change His mind as to what sin is. We can get out and parade down the streets with banners and flags and in great numbers all we like, but it will not make sin "right" ever.

We have the freedom to sin as much as we like but God will never accept it. He has told us the Truth and He is not a person who will change His mind because of the "brilliant" ravings of a sinful person.

He is God and He is Truth and He owns the Law and He says what sin is and isn't.

When a human has gone down the path of destruction and still has his reasoning powers, having not sold them all to the evil one, he/she is able to reason that they have hit bottom and need to get out of that thinking in order to live.

This is the point when God's hand is "seen" and we can know that He truly does exist and has not abandoned us.

The same human reasoning that got us to the bottom of the pit will now reason us with the help of the Holy Spirit to the heights of faith and belief in Almighty God.

It's an amazing thing! Truly worthy of full surrender to God - for His Goodness and Mercy.