Humble & Contrite

08/05/2015 10:45

Friend, God dwells with humble and repentant hearts. 

The high and mighty, arrogant, selfish, boasters, He cannot dwell with, because their hearts are turned from Him and turned to their own evil ways - and the god of their world, satan.

In Isaiah 57:15 God says to us...I dwell in the high and Holy place, and also with him who is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the heart of the contrite.

Isn't that a beautiful Word for your heart?  Your humble and contrite heart, the simpleness of who you are; He loves and dwells with to show you great things.

When we come to Him as a broken cup, one that can't hold the Life-giving Water for our soul, He mends us and pours into the cup all the Water we need, even to overflowing, if we will receive Him.

A contrite heart is one that weeps and agonizes over the sin and says to God, "Lord God, I am a sinner, help Thou, me!"

He will forgive that heart, because it wants to shun evil.  This is a starting place for God.  From here, He knows what to do - you must allow Him full rein.

He asks you to walk humbly, knowing you are a sinner saved by His Grace and Mercy.  In due time when you are ready by His standards, He will give you what He knows to be your new destiny.

Commune with Him in a secret place and meditate on how Great and Powerful your God is.

Stay humble and contrite.