Idol Worship

29/12/2015 11:55

It is an ill day for a people when their gods are worse than themselves. Charles Spurgeon

Friend, ask yourself if you worship anything in your life other than the Lord Jesus.

Worship to God is anything we believe in that replaces Him.

Some people love their animals more than the One who created them and allowed them in your life. He is the One who worked all things together so that you could have that special connection with your animal. So you see, He is above the love you have for the animal. He is the One to be praised for the love connection you have with your special creature. Both you and the creature should be worshipping Him.

Be careful not to worship your "self" as many do in these days. 

The many other great religions based on man's conjectures and traditions and observations in the natural world of the heavens, and human relations are all considered by Holy God to be idol worship.

Many create their own beliefs based on the "goodness" of their own minds - what they would do in certain circumstances.

Let the word of God be your guide for daily living so that you do not go down the paths of unrighteousness.

God is always calling us back from these paths, but many keep their back turned pretending not to hear Him.

He is not fooled and we will see at the Judgement that we only fooled ourselves.

Today is the day to investigate our own soul's beliefs and bring them into line with what Almighty God has said in the Word of God.

For those who do not know or do not have acces to the Bible; God tells us clearly all through the Bible, that His Son is Who we must love and honour in order for our soul to have eternal Life.

He is Jealous for His Son who He sent to be a Sacrifice for our sins and He will not tolerate any idols we worship in place of Jesus.

If you were to pass from this world to-night, would He receive you based on this pivotal fact from His Word?