Immediate Supply

09/06/2015 10:29

Friend, God owns "all that is," both the seen and unseen.

He can supply all your needs.

He is the King and Judge.

He is your Only Supplier.

In business we have many suppliers. We buy a few supplies from many suppliers - other businesses. 

We depend on them to fulfill our orders just as we have ordered.  We do not like an order that gets delivered with some items missing.  It halts our business or causes delays for our customers.

But, God never runs out of what we need!

He will supply all our needs according to His riches.

His supply lines are Wisdom, Salvation, Love, Grace, Mercy, Truth, Forgiveness, Joy, Comfort, Kindness, Liberty, Patience, Obedience, Promise, Prayer, Gentleness, Courage, Contentment, Thankfulness, Guidance, Faith.

Surely in His Supply there is something you need.  Ask Him for it. It's yours according to your faith.

As you become more aware and faithful, the supply door opens and your cup fills up to overflowing with anything you ask for.

Believe in Jesus and ask for the supplies you need.  He will not deny you.  You are the one who has the choice to receive or deny what you asked for.