In Line With God

24/04/2018 21:03

Friend, if God is Who He says He Is, and Who He must be in order to be The God Above All Gods, then He must be Correct and Perfect in all He thinks and does. He must never make a mistake in any aspect of all He does.

God has to be Omniscient, Omnipotent. He has to be Good to the degree of Holiness.

And, He must represent Love to the Holiest degree.

He must own Law, Math, Language, Design, and all the Sciences, both those seen and not seen. 

He must be Just.

Do you see the simplest Truth in those statements of Who God Is?

If so, then it stands in Perfect Weight, like the purest of gold, that all He does is for Perfection, that is of the Holiest of Form, not like the perfection of this world which falls short and is judged unequally by each and every person on the planet who has ever lived.

Can any of us agree on anything, let alone everything?

Therefore should we not agree with Him, knowing He is Righteous in all His dealings with us?

Isn't it possible that we do not see "things" as He sees them? (We, not being Him.)

Hasn't He chosen the Righteous Path that leads to Everlasting Life, and a life of abundance on this earth for those Who agree with Him?

Isn't He then Trustworthy no matter what He does?

Hasn't He decreed that we can have health, joy, friends, purpose and know Knowlege, Truth, Hope and Love when we know Him and agree with His Teachings, Sayings, and Choices for us?

Hasn't He Sacrificed His Only Son to pay the Punishment decreed by His Law, for our sins; past, present and future?

Why? Is this not God's Love for mankind?

What could we ever do to repay this Amazing Gesture of Love and Committment to those who will believe in Him?

Will only one respond? Will only the Disciples and apostles and prophets respond to Him?

Yet He wants none to perish, and has left His Word here for us to read and become enlightened so we may have the choice to know Him.

The simplest change one can make in life is to agree with God and decide to get in line with His Thinking, His Will, His Way and His Law.

Can we beat Him at His Majesty and Power?

Can we be more evil than evil?

We are subject to one or the other.

When we come to this understanding, we will realize who we are, and that we have a choice to make.

And, friend, if we are touched by this Knowledge, it means the Spirit has revealed it to us. The next step is to get in line with God and be a Forgiven Follower of Christ.