It's a Fact

12/04/2015 13:48

Friend, it is a fact; the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God, loves you and wants you to be a citizen of Heaven.

He does not care how you look.  It is your heart He is after.

He knows that when you get to know Him - your heart knowing His heart; you will also love Him.

He cares about the sin in your life.  He wants you to recognize it and turn from it; to Him who can forgive everything.

A repentant heart can receive full forgiveness of the past sins.

He knows that you will have a desire not to sin but you may fall backwards and repeat a sin but when you turn to him immediately, you will receive forgiveness and gently be coaxed not to repeat ingrained sin in your life.

He will give you the ability to rebuff sin and overcome it if you are willing.

Forgiveness can be yours.  I receive it daily - because He loves me and I love Him.

And He loves you - I do not have to see you to confirm this fact.  He loves you without a doubt - even in your sin.