It's All About Eternity

23/01/2015 11:44

This world passes away for the believer, when we die.  The Bible tells us that our spirit lives on for eternity and it tells us we have a choice to make while we are on this earth.

It's all about where we will go for eternity.  It is our choice.

We can choose now to be with God in His Heavenly Kingdom, or to be with Lucifer and serve him.

Our flesh goes to dust or ashes but the soul/spirit lives on.

We must consider eternity.  It is a serious and grave consideration.  The Lord says to us each and every day, "Choose whom you shall serve."

We follow after all the popular and famous people who have "made it" in life and hope to be like them. We listen to their advice, use the products they endorse and when we hear a "gem" that connects with our  own thinking, we consider them to be like a god.

This is very destructive thinking for our soul.

Be an individual, do not follow after the masses or any one thing until you have searched for God Almighty.

He will make Himself known to you if you seek and He will set you on the right Path if you really desire Goodness.

He does not take captives.  Anyone is free to leave at any time.  There are millions of believers who are now  backsliders many of whom have turned from God because they desire the "now" riches and lusts of this world.

But if you seek, you willl find.  It's all about an eternity of Light and Love or Darkness & Hatred.