Jesus Knows Our Heart

17/06/2015 19:56

Friend, Jesus truly knows what is in our heart!  He knows all the nooks and crannies, all the secret passageways, the dark corners, all the sin pathways, and the hopes and dreams we have stored away in hope - for better days and circumstances.

He knows our heart better than we know it.  He sees what is lurking there from the past to jump up and grab us and tear us down again.  All the demonic forces that pull the strings of the heart, He sees them at work.

We must give Him permission to help us clean up those dark recesses and evil intents. Soon they are going to destroy us.  Now is the time to relent and recognize that He, our Lord  loves us and Wills that we become His, safe under His wings of comfort and care like little ducklings weathering the storm of life.  Later He will show us how to be strong and walk boldly in His Will knowing that nothing is impossible for us, in Him.

First to go is the steady concentration on "self" that we have developed from infancy.  We must learn to concentrate on Jesus and allow Him to concentrate on us in return.  This is the correct Way forward in the Christian life.

Find comfort and encouragement in the Holy Bible knowing that the Holy Spirit has left us something tangible that we can hold and read, that will connect us with the thoughts of God.