Marvellous Happenings

07/07/2015 11:43

Friend, have you had something happen since you have been walking with Jesus that is so wonderful and unbelievable that you would have to call it a miracle - because to bring something to the fore that would never have been possible because of the many unbelieving people involved, was unimaginable?

Yes, me too!

These unimaginable outcomes, and marvellous happenings are nothing to God.  That is just a tiny part of what He can and will do for you.  Just stay believing and you will see more of the unimaginable happen.  You will look back in a year or two and see what He has accomplished because of your belief in Him.

He is the Miracle Worker.  Allow Him full rein to do what He sees fit; and you, be the follower!

Do not despise the humiliations from those you love or others, do not fret or fear about your circumstances!  Just believe that He is working out His good pleasure in you, and all things will come together in His Perfect Timing for your good.

Much has to be done behind the scenes.  Many souls have to be stirred to move and choose.  But always believe that He is working out His Plan for you.  Get up and go about your daily life with joy in your soul that Holy God is for  you.  See others as the Lord sees them.  He loves them - not their sin, but their soul.  He sees what they could achieve and He sees how they will come to believe. 

Will it be by the plough or will they take on the yoke of the Kind and Gentle King?

Be available to Him and in constant contact with Him so that you will have the opportunity to hear His Voice and obey.

Obey for what?  For spiritual growth and power in His Name, for eternal Life, for a place in the Kingdom to be a helper and not a lost soul that wanders into troubled waters at every turn.