Meditation Hebrews 10:23

22/05/2015 08:47


Scripture.  Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; ( for He is faithful that promised).  Hebrews 10:23 KJV

Great advice to the believer! 

We are advised to hold the precious gift of faith in Jesus, close to us and to hold it firmly within our grasp.

When we are new believers we think that we will never lose this gift. 

But we must not forget that God has told us that His adversary, who becomes our adversary once we accept Jesus into our life, is hell bent on our destruction. 

Our adversary does not want God to have our soul, because before we accepted Jesus as our Saviour, we belonged to satan.

So we must be aware and stand strong in faith in our Lord to keep our faith bold and at the same time, strongly guarded.

God says we must not waver in our belief in Him.  He is faithful to us and will help us when we do not waver. 

But if we decide to walk away from him and give up on our faith, He will not stop us.  He will warn us but He will not stop us. The Spirit will always be trying to encourage us to return to the Lord, but ultimately, it is our own choice.

We must develop a backbone for God and not become wishy washy in our faith.

How can we do this when we are buffeted on all sides by the evil one? 

The devil makes a strong case for sin, showing us the easy way to do things.  Many of us gravitate towards the easy road in life.

God says that the only way to hold fast to our profession of faith is to communicate with Him at all times, to have an open dialogue with Him and to study His Word for comfort, counseling, healing and spiritual strength and growth.


Lord, thank You for your warnings about our adversary.  Help me to have a strong faith.  Keep me grounded in Your Word.  Remind me I pray to humble myself before You daily and in so doing become strong for each day's battle through the indwelling of Jesus in my soul.