Meditation Luke 1:37

16/02/2015 12:57



For with God nothing shall be impossible. 

Luke 1:37  KJV

How great this statement is! 

Nothing is impossible for God to do. Remember it will always be done according to His will.  He cannot compromise Himself.  He is not weak, like us.

Whatever we ask, He will seek out His Law, not looking for loopholes as we do, but to choose how best to give us what we have asked for to bring about His Will in our life.

Just have faith that everything is going along just fine, according to His Will.  When we don't see an answer clearly  in front of us, it does not mean that God has not heard and is not working on that problem for us.  Perhaps in His Infinite Wisdom, He has chosen to delay the granting of that request until other things in our life are in alignment.

Maybe He knows that if He gives us that particular thing now, it will ruin our relationship with Him.  He values that very highly and will not put something sinful in our life to entice us.  But keep in mind, that the roaring lion of evil is prowling about and has his demons who listen to your every word, waiting to see how they can ruin you.

They hear your prayers and snicker.  They know the ones Christ will answer and the ones He will not.  They can bring into your life something that is bad for you to distract you from God and eventually destroy your relationship with Jesus.

But, if you trust and have faith that nothing is impossible with God, then you just keep walking forward on the Path no matter what evil offers you. 


Lord, thank you that You are Greater than evil.  Thank You that nothing is impossible with You.  Help me to have strong faith and trust in You.  Amen.